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Window Restoration Services in Fort Worth and the surrounding areas

Are conventional window cleaning methods and products just not working? Are you considering replacing your windows? Call us at 817-993-9799 and get professional window restoration services today!

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If your windows look like this, you could use some window restoration services.

Over time the windows in your home can sustain all kinds of deterioration. From dirt, to water stains, and everything else in between, these unsightly conditions can cause significant damage to your home. In some instances it can be so serious that you may consider replacing them all together. Instead, with the help of Window Pros, we can restore those old windows to their former glory. No matter how serious the condition may be, our experienced technicians have got you covered. Don’t just take our word for it. See what some of our past customers are saying here, and call us today!

Our Window Restoration Services Cover:

Dirty windows are a common occurrence in many homes. While they can all be cleaned away, some require more professional help. Thats when our experts come in. We cover the following to help restore your windows to their original condition:

  • Hard Water Stains - This is commonly caused by sprinklers and other direct water sprays that hit your window. As the water is left to dry on the window it can quickly leave hard water stains from the minerals in the water. This is signaled by white streaks or marks throughout the window itself. It is also common on shower doors and areas that are consistently touched by water.

  • Oxidation - Rust and oxidation is also caused by excessive water that is left to stand. Over time this can deteriorate the areas around your windows and leave the signature orange rust throughout. When this occurs professional services are needed to remove the oxidation and restore the glass and the areas around it.

  • Paint Overspray - Paint on the glass is a distracting eyesore that can take away from the beauty of the window. Lead paint in older windows must be completely removed for the safety of everyone in the home, especially young children. Some older windows have even been painted shut and need to have the paint removed to restore functionality to the window.

  • Calcium Deposits - Calcium deposits can build up over time on your windows and make them look cloudy and dull. In homes that have hard water, washing the windows can leave behind small deposits of calcium. If it isn't removed, this calcium will build up over the years and destroy the look of the window.

  • Mold - Mold growth on your window and window frames can leave an unsightly mess in an otherwise attractive area of the home. If left unchecked, this mold build up can even be hazardous, especially if someone in the family has an allergy to it. Similarly it can quickly spread to the walls and roofing surrounding the areas if left uncleaned.

  • Glue, Stucco, and Stickers - Anything sticky is generally bad news, especially if it’s on your windows. This can happen when these materials are placed on your windows and quickly harden. They can be hard to take off and easily stain your windows leaving behind residue and gunk.

If you find that any of these materials are on your windows, give us a call. Our experts can remove just about any material off of your window and quickly restore it without the need for expensive replacement services.

When Should You Look For Professional Services?

Window cleaning is hard work. The balance between removing paint or calcium build up and avoiding scratching the glass can be hard for an amateur to find. If your windows are exceptionally damaged or if you are unsure if you can take care of them yourself, it may be time to call in a professional. If you have a significant number of windows, hard to reach windows, or are considering simply replacing them, give our expert staff members a call today!

Professional Window Restoration Services From Window Pros

With our professional window restoration, we'll do the hard work for you. You won’t have to worry that a do it yourself job may damage your home; rest easy in the hands of a professional company. Our window restoration can take years off the appearance of your house and let in light that you never knew your house could get. This small investment can greatly improve the curb appeal of your home. Our services are both affordable and efficient. Call us today and schedule an appointment for a free estimate and get your homes windows restored without having to replace them!

Do you need professional window restoration services in your Fort Worth, TX home? Call us at 817-993-9799 and schedule an appointment for industry leading restoration services today!

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