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Is it safe for me to clean my gutters?

When the gutters on the home are neglected for a long period of time they not only look dirty they can also cause damage to the property. A professional gutter cleaner can restore the look of the gutters and so much more. Here are just a few of the benefits of a professional gutter cleaning.

The most obvious benefit to having your gutters cleaned is that the home will look so much more clean and polished with shiny bright gutters again. The curb appeal of the home will increase immediately and there will be no more green algae stains dripping down the rain spouts. Having the gutters cleaned a few times a year will ensure they look brand new all year long.

Depending how big your house is, climbing up a ladder to scrub the gutters clean can be a challenge for many homeowners. Two story homes are a challenge because of all the danger involved. Climbing up a ladder that high and working to scrub the gutters can put you in a very dangerous position. Many people each year are injured from falling off that slippery ladder while attempting to clean their gutters.

The professional gutter cleaning company will remove all the debris that is clogging up the down spouts and causing water to back up into the gutters. When water is trapped in the gutters it increases the weight of the gutters and causes them to pull away from the wood structure of the home. Water can easily get behind the gutter now and get into the attic. Cleaning the gutters will ensure water is quickly moved from the roof to the gutter to the down spouts.

When the gutters are dirty and clogged, water that is trapped in the gutter pours over the sides and down near the home. During heavy rains storms that water begin to flood the region near the home and eventually over time will begin to drain towards the foundation. This is not where you want the water to be draining because over time it can do significant damage to the foundation of the home. The water needs to travel through the down spouts and away from the home.

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